Class WWW::Impostor::Phpbb2
In: lib/www/impostor/phpbb2.rb
Parent: WWW::Impostor
Impostor WWW dot/f_3.png


Public Class methods

After initializing the parent a mechanize agent is created

Additional configuration parameters:


Typical configuration parameters { :type => :phpbb2, :app_root => ‘’, :login_page => ‘login.php’, :posting_page => ‘posting.php’, :user_agent => ‘Windows IE 7’, :username => ‘myuser’, :password => ‘mypasswd’ }

Public Instance methods

does the work of logging into phpbb

clean up the state of the library and log out

Get the posting page for the application (specific to phpBB2)

Protected Instance methods

fetches the login page

Checks if the agent is already logged by stored cookie

returns the login form and its button from the login page

does the work of posting the login form