Class WWW::Impostor
In: lib/www/impostor.rb
Parent: Object
Impostor WWW dot/f_3.png

Web Wiz Forums version 8.0 of the Impostor


Classes and Modules

Class WWW::Impostor::ImpostorError
Class WWW::Impostor::LoginError
Class WWW::Impostor::Phpbb2
Class WWW::Impostor::Phpbb3
Class WWW::Impostor::PostError
Class WWW::Impostor::ThrottledError
Class WWW::Impostor::TopicError
Class WWW::Impostor::Wwf79
Class WWW::Impostor::Wwf80


VERSION = '0.2.1'

External Aliases

new -> orig_new


forum  [RW]  Get/set the form id
message  [RW]  get/set the current message
subject  [RW]  get/set the current subject
topic  [RW]  Get/set the topic id
version  [RW]  Get/set the application version that impostor is interfacing with

Public Class methods

Instantiate a specific impostor based on its symbol name

Pass in a config hash to initialize

Public Instance methods

Add subject to topics hash

Gets the application root of the application such as or

Access the current config and key it without regard for symbols or strings

Get the topic name (subject) based on forum and topic ids

Load the topics that the impostor already knows about

Login to the forum, returns true if logged in, false otherwise

Log out of the forum, true if logged in, false otherwise

Save the topics

Protected Instance methods

is a yaml file for WWW::Mechanize::CookieJar

Get the login page for the application

Get the password for the application

Get the topics cache

A Mechanize user agent name, see the mechanize documentation ‘Linux Mozilla’, ‘Mac Safari’, ‘Windows IE 7’, etc.

Get the username for the application